Smart Waste Management Project

Garbage Truck and Bins

Visualization and Waste Collection Route Heuristics of Smart Bins data using Python Big data Analytics. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing, Yokohama, Japan, January 2021.

Management of a city’s waste is a complex process as there are many kinds of waste, which may require different disposal or recycling methods. Further, there are multiple stakeholders who play a part, including local council administrators, waste truck owners and operators, and managers of dumps and recycling facilities

Decisions which must be made include how to classify waste, how to manage each kind of waste, where to locate garbage bins, when to empty the bins, what routes trucks should take, and where the waste should be taken. Household garbage bins are generally emptied in weekly collections, while council-owned smart bins may be emptied when needed, based on Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data transmitted via Wireless Sensor Networks.

Open datasets from Wyndham City Council smart bins have been analysed by Dr Watson and several APIs were developed using python big data analytics. These enable visualization of the data in various ways, and the development of heuristic route planning algorithms for waste collection trucks. 

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