Recent Publications

Street View Images in Machine Learning Prediction of Road Accident Hotspots, submitted to LOCATE24 Conference, Sydney NSW Australia, May 2024

Geospatial Factors Applied to Road Accidents: A Review
Proceedings of ICSIM 2024, Suva, Fiji (Virtual), January 2024
Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Volume 15, 2024

Sentiment Analysis of Social Media:Techniques, Applications, and Reliability
Proceedings of ICSIM 2023, Palmerston North, New Zealand, January 2023

Earlier Publications

A Framework for Classifying Internet of Things Challenges. In book: Achieving Full Realization and Mitigating the Challenges of the Internet of Things, IGI Global - March 2022

Sentiment Analysis of Social Survey Data for Local City Councils. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks – January 2022

Big Data Analytics in Australian Local Government - Smart Cities 2020 

Enhancing Pedestrian Mobility in Smart Cities using Big Data - Journal of Management Analytics 2020

Research Challenges for the Internet of Things: What Role Can OR Play? - Systems 2017 

How technology is shaping our skies A.Brady (Peter Ryan contributing and cited author). ISO Focus [Online], 2017